Host Alpha Mike


Born and raised in New York City at the young age of 22 he moved to the paradise of Miami, Florida. In 1989 he ventured into a new career in law enforcement for the next 27 years this would be his second family. Alpha Mike completes his law enforcement career assigned to the Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute Miami-Dade Public Safety Training Institute assignments of Firearms, Use of Force (SME), CPR, Crisis Intervention Training (SME) & Training Advisor (Lateral). During his training position assignment, Alpha Mike served as FDLE liaison, FDLE Florida Basic Training re-write curriculum committee, and served on the Miami Dade State Attorney’s Committee on Crime Against Law Enforcement Officers and Training Committee.

In 2007 Alpha Mike started his first radio show called Latino Police Radio running 150 shows until 2014. Although the shows were corky powered by a cheap laptop and a cell phone it obtained thousands of downloads by listeners. Following Alpha Mike’s retirement he decided to start not one, but two new shows this time via podcast with real equipment. Alpha Mike teamed up with his co-host Mike Sierra a USMC Veteran serving in MARSOC with tours to  Afghanistan and Iraq. and together created Leatherneck 7 and LPolice Radio, under the flag-ship of the Cop-Per Radio Network.

Alpha Mike was also involved in various law enforcement organizations in the leadership role, The Hispanic Association of Correctional Officers (HACO) as Sgt at Arms, Board of Director, Vice President and President. The National Latino Peace Officer Association Florida Chapter President. Founder, and President of the Latino Officers Association Florida.

Alpha Mike is the host of the LPolice radio podcast and is a proud father and grandfather.